Low profile keyboards are disposable.

Low profile keyboards are disposable.

Here is why "exclusivity deals" are stupid.

This pic is a customers Corsair K70 low profile. He won this keyboard in some contest that apparently wasn't sanctioned by Corsair (or something about whoever had it wasn't an authorized reseller - it's a bit unclear from all the emails they sent) so they will not honor any warranty.

No big deal. A slider broke. It's just one switch. It would normally be $3-5 in parts, and about $10-15 in labor. For less than $20, this local customer could be back up and going.

But instead, he can't. Corsair has exclusivity on this switch with Cherry, and they cannot be sold loose to the public, or even repair centers. So this $229 keyboard is now trash because you simply cannot get the parts to repair it... not because they do not exist, but because Corsair doesn't want you to repair it - they want you to replace it.

This type of stuff should be outlawed.

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