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Upgrade Keyboards Stab Pads (stabilizer Band-Aid mod replacements)

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Hey Canadians!

Upgrade Keyboards now has an authorized dealer in your country - We are proud to announce that is now carrying genuine Upgrade Keyboards Stab Pads. We are excited to bring Stab Pads to another new country, and could not be happier that partner is Ashkeebs!

All keyboard builders know the band-aid mod. We've used them for years for every build. Now, there is something better.
We developed a custom mix of silicone and rubber blends to develop the Stab Pad. It comes backed with 3M adhesive and are pre-cut to work with any type of PCB or plate mount cherry style stabilizer. They were developed to stop the noise from bottoming out the stabilizer, and keep your PCB from any wear and tear. The impact resistance means the sound from bottoming out is almost entirely gone - all that is left is a much deeper tone.
Stab Pads come in .2mm and .5mm variants.
  • The .5mm will work on almost every stabilizer except some of the weaker PCB mounts like clip ins which work great with the .2mm.
  • The .2mm work great for clip in PCB mount, or those that want a harder stop upon bottoming out.
For a quick and easy test, slap one of each on a PCB next to a band aid mod, then tap the PCB with a pair of tweezers, then tap the band aid, then finally tap the Stab Pad you'll feel and hear the difference immediately. The .2mm should be a slightly lower tone than the band aid, but roughly the same noise level. the .5mm however, is 300% quieter (we measured) and the tone is considerably lower which is really the icing on the audible feedback cake. There is a small bit of spring/rebound in them (not enough to affect key travel) that was done intentionally to keep them from feeling "mushy" if you bottom out.
They are cut to dimensions that will work with any type of stabilizer, PCB or plate. They will fit perfectly in between the holes on a PCB mount and are large enough to just eyeball and stick on plate mounts with plenty of coverage so you do not need to get the pad perfectly aligned.
Virgin PCBs require no prep at all. If you have previously used the PCB, just check to make sure there is no leftover lube (that turns our pad and 3M adhesive into a slip-n-slide fast!). If there is lube, just a simple wipe off with alcohol is sufficient. We have found it easiest to just grab with tweezers and peel straight off the sheet, stick, and done. No lube needed on the pad. If the stabilizers are lubed correctly with our Stab Pads in place - you will not feel the stabilizers, hear them, or know they are there. That is my goal with these and I personally believe is the mark of a flawless stabilizer setup. We want you to feel the switch, not the stabilizers.
Each sheet comes with 100 pre-cut pads, ready to go. Peel, Stick, Done.



Tags: Stab pads, Stabilizers
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: stab-pads-.2mm

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