Understanding keyboard sizes - the basics

Understanding keyboard sizes - the basics

We see a lot of new people to the mechanical keyboard hobby/world/lifestyle - and we often see the same questions and level of confusion around understanding "what a 65% keyboard is" or "the difference between a TKL and a 60". To help answer a few of those questions, we created a simple visual aid. 

This graphic does not hold every possibility or every unique layout and style - but it does cover the basics for the most common on the market. 

The easiest way to understand the "percentages" is to start at the top - a 100% keyboard, being the traditional full size, 104/108 key layout that almost everyone that has purchased a new 'off the shelf' keyboard in a big box retail store knows. As you get smaller and remove more and more keys from the board - that percentage drops. 

common mechanical keyboard sizes

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