Genuine Cherry vs Imitation Plate Mounted Stabilizers

Genuine Cherry vs Imitation Plate Mounted Stabilizers

There are only a few companies making plate mounted stabilizers that most gaming mechanical keyboards use. Almost none of those boards come with genuine Cherry stabilizers.

Here is why that matters: the cheap imitation stabilizers leave a ton of room for the bar to shift. When you take a metal rod, and give it room to clank around, its going to get noisy. It also allows the possibility of key bonding if you catch a corner of a key at a weird angle.

With genuine Cherry stabilizers, the hole for the connecting rod is smaller, allowing enough room for movement, but far less for the bar to shift around uncontrollably in. We take those stabilizers and modify them even further on the bottom side, removing any possibility of unwanted noise and rattle.

Upgrade Keyboards only replaces plate mounted stabilizers with Genuine Cherry GMK.

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