We thought Logitech was better than this.

We thought Logitech was better than this.

Don't get us wrong - we know Logitech is like most other companies, and makes every concession to save a few dollars - but this is a bit over the top. They make a cheap and VERY plastic keyboard. But in the "cheap plastic keyboard" category, we used to hold them in slightly higher regard than this.

Know what you're buying people! Wonder why your Logitech mechanical board always fails? Here is why -

ripped pads on a G613 circuit board - this was brand new!

That PCB is out of a Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. It's in their gaming lineup. Those pads are just decimated - not from abuse or mistreatment - no... they were ripped up by a $2 solder sucker. So then we got out our Hakko FR-301 solder vacuum, thinking it may take a professional tool. Negative. They could be sucked off the board from almost 2mm away.

"But I am never going to do that with my board" you might say. Sure - most people won't. But these are plastic keyboards remember. They flex and bow under normal everyday use. How long would you wager it would take before that pad rips up under normal flexing? Answer: not that long.

This is what is called "planned obsolescence". This board was created, knowing full well that it would not last years... you would break it sometime after its warranty period had expired, and throw it in the trash to go buy another.

This is quite literally the inside of their $149 keyboard.... plastic snap together pieces that appear to be stolen out of a model airplane kit.

the media keys on a Logitech G613 keyboard - plastic snap together - really?

Do yourself, your hands, and your pocket book a favor - avoid Logitech for keyboards. They might make decent peripherals in other areas, but leave the keyboards to the pro's.

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