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Zeal Blue Zilents V2 Switches (silent tactile)

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Zeal is created exclusively by Gateron for Zeal, and features a wide range of options to meet almost any preference.

  • 62g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 65g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 67g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 78g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]

UPKB take: while Zilents used to be the top of the hill, they are hard to recommend for the price nowdays. If you are familiar with and enjoy the pretravel in their tactility - there is little that duplicates that, so these may be a great option for you - but expect some housing chatter on even the snuggest plates, and noise (even lubed). If you are looking for as quiet a tactile switch as possible - this is not it, and we can recommend some other options. 

Tactile feeling for the different weights:

  • 62g Zilents - Smooth, crisp and light, a bit heavier than MX Browns in weight, but offer a much smoother experience with a crisper and large tactile bump feedback when compared to Holy Pandas. Lightest variant Zilent.
  • 65g Zilents - Smooth, long, drawn out tactile bump from the top. Nice cushion during bottom out.
  • 67g Zilents - "Crisp & responsive" tactile bump feeling at the very top with more cushion during bottom out than 65g Zilent V2.
  • 78g Zilents - For those that prefer a slightly lighter MX Clear, but want a bigger and smoother bump than MX Clears / Holy Pandas. Tactile bump is round and snappy at the very top. From beginning to end, the spring is heavier than all other Zilent variants.

All Zeal switches come as PCB mount, but can easily be made to work with plate mount setups by simply clipping the 2 extra plastic mounting legs.

Zeals are all priced per 10 switches. 1 order equals 10 switches.



Tags: 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g, Rgb-smd compatible, Silent, Switches, Tactile, Zeal
Manufacturer: Zeal
SKU: zealzilentsv2-62g

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