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UPGRADED Glorious GMMK Pro Barebones Keyboard

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GMMK PRO is a premium, gasket-mounted, 75% hot swappable keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals. We have taken them and made them even better!
All GMMK Pro kits from Upgrade Keyboards feature:
  • POM Plates in white or black
  • Durock v2 Stabilizers
  • Custom Cut UPKB FlexiEVA Plate Foam

You can choose to have it preassembled and ready for your switches and caps, or as the loose parts to build yourself. This listing is for the barebones DIY Kit. 

Start with a better keyboard, or have us build it out fully for you!



Tags: 75 percent, Glorious, Keyboard kits
Manufacturer: Glorious
SKU: gmmk-pro-black

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