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UPGRADED Glorious GMMK Pro Barebones Keyboard

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GMMK PRO is a premium, gasket-mounted, 75% hot swappable keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals. We have taken them and made them even better!
All GMMK Pro kits from Upgrade Keyboards feature:
  • POM Plates in white or black
  • Durock v2 Stabilizers
  • Custom Cut UPKB FlexiEVA Plate Foam

You can choose to have it preassembled and ready for your switches and caps, or as the loose parts to build yourself.

Start with a better keyboard, or have us build it out fully for you!



Tags: 75 percent, Glorious, Keyboard kits
Manufacturer: Glorious
SKU: gmmk-pro-black

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