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Upgrade Keyboards 2 Stage Springs v1 CLOSEOUT

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Upgrade Keyboards is happy to introduce our new 2 Stage Springs. Two Stage Springs are gold plated stainless created with ultra precision for those that demand perfection. Springs come dry without factory lube so you can lube in your desired method, but pre-lubed springs are also available. Our pre-lubed springs are manually lubed (not production/manufacturing line) with genuine KrytoxTM 105 oil.
2 Stage springs have a unique feel similar to a progressive spring, but with slightly accelerating force near bottom out.
  • Springs are gold plated stainless steel
  • Quality control to ensure each spring is within +/-1
  • 20mm height with a dual stage progressive force curve
  • Comes bagged and padded for safe shipping
  • Cherry MX compatible (will not work for Kailh box switches)
  • Force is measured at bottom out weight
1 pack = 110 springs



Tags: Springs
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: upkb-2stage-55g

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