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Switch Lubing Service (90)

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We are sorry, but this item is only available as part of a custom built mechanical keyboard, and not available for sale individually



Switch lubing is done to accomplish a smoother, more uniform and subdued sounding switch. Lubing is critical to get any spring noises out of the switch. 

Switch lubing service done per switch, and by hand (this is not cheap factory lubing which is nowhere near as precise, as thorough, or done with lubes designed to last)

For tactile switches we use:

  • Krytox 105 on all springs, individually - not bag lubed - so we guarantee 100% coverage
  • Tribosys 3203/3204 on the stem rails and bottom housing - top housings as needed

For linear switches we use:

  • Krytox 105 on all springs
  • Light Krytox 205g0 on the stem rails, legs, housing

For silent switches we use:

  • Krytox 105 on all springs
  • for linears - 3203 on leaf, and then apply more if needed
  • for tactiles - 3203 if needed - a very minimal approach. less is more.
  • focus is on quietening the switch as much as possible, without altering the feel

There may be some variance for certain switches that sound/feel better with different applications so that can change and should be used as a general guide. We can also lube to your personal preference using your lube and method of choice. Please contact us if you prefer a different method than mentioned above. 



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Manufacturer: UpgradeKB
SKU: switchlubing-90

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