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SPRiT MX Progressive Springs

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SPRiT Design MX Progressive rate springs are much lighter than normal springs by 8g - 10g until the actuation point (ref: image graph)
The force rises rapidly after actuation, results in the same bottom out weight as the conventional linear springs.
If you want to experience bouncier bottom out, or prefer touch typing (without bottoming out), please try a spring one or two levels heavier.
Progressive springs are hard to find any practical example in the electronics industry, the production is trickier and takes much longer time.
  • No Polarity on Progressive springs
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 1 pack = 100 springs
Bottom out Force:
Bottom out Force
  • 55 P - Starts at 22g, actuates similar to 45 S.
  • 63.5 P - Starts at 25g, actuates similar to 55 S
  • 68 P - Starts at 28g, actuates similar to 58 S
  • 72 P - Starts at 30g, actuates similar to 63.5 S
  • 78 P - Starts at 33g, actuates similar to 68 S
  • 100 P - Starts at 36g, actuates similar to 78 S
  • 125 P - Starts at 38g, actuates similar to 85 S
  • 150 P - Starts at 40g, actuates similar to 100 S



Tags: Springs
Manufacturer: SPRiT
SKU: sprit-72p

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