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SHIPS TODAY - Kinesis Advantage360 Professional Signature Series with Cherry MX Brown

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Please contact us with any questions you may have prior to placing an order.

Custom hand built by Upgrade Keyboards - the new Kinesis Advantage360 Pro with ZMK firmware, white led backlighting, and BT Wireless!

Simply pick your switch, keycaps, choose from any optional upgrades and add-ons, and we will build it precisely to your request. 

Not sure where to start? Our staff can help you choose the right options to fit what you are looking for. We can also help those that suffer from repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and countless other issues to allow you to type naturally and minimize, reduce, and hopefully remove pain and discomfort from your typing experience!

  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth
  • Kinesis Part Number: KB360-PRO
  • Note: ABS shine-through keycaps set shown (KC360-PRO-QW)
  • This board uses the open source ZMK firmware, not the SmartSet application. 

As the market leader in computer ergonomics, Kinesis has been designing and building premium-grade ergonomic keyboards for more than 25 years. The all-new Advantage 360 features our patented Contoured keyboard design now in a fully split form factor for even more ergonomic adjustability.

Separate the two key modules to shoulder-width and rotate them to reduce painful ulnar deviation. And use the integrated tenting mechanism to choose from one of three heights (High, Medium, and Low) to reduce forearm pronation.

The Pro uses open source ZMK firmware so power users can customize their keyboard layout and settings, and design new features and functionality and share them with the Kinesis community.

Ergonomic Features

  • Concave keywells are scooped into a bowl shape to reduce hand and finger extension and relax muscles.
  • Separating the keywells positions the arms at shoulder-width to keep wrists straight and perpendicular to the home row to reduce abduction and ulnar deviation.
  • The keys are arranged in vertical columns (rather than staggered) to better reflect the natural motion of your fingers.
  • The two keywells are “tented” to moderately raising the thumb side of the hand. Tenting puts you in a more neutral, “handshake” posture and reduces the stresses caused by forearm pronation. Choose from one of three heights depending on your preferences.
  • The integrated palm supports reduce stressful bending of the wrists and provide a convenient place to rest your hands when you are not actively typing. Add the new premium pads for even more support (AC360PP Sold Separately) .
  • The thumb clusters include frequently-used keys such as Enter, Space, Backspace, and Delete to redistribute the workload away from your relatively weaker and overused little fingers to stronger thumbs.
  • The Advantage360 may look big, but it actually has a smaller footprint than most keyboards because we eliminated the numeric 10-key so you can place the mouse closer to your body, reducing painful “over-reach”.
  • Functions keys are located in the number row and accessed via the Fn Key for reduce reach and enhanced portability.



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