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Owlstab V2 - Liquidmetal Wire Screw-in Stabilizers 80% Kit

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Authentic Owlabs Owlstab v2 Screw-in Stabilizers

The newest stabilizers on the market featuring a new and unique Liquidmetal stabilizer wire. Originally seen in the "Mr. Suit" TKL kit, this is one of the hottest stabilizer sets in the keyboard world. Liquidmetal wires are a shape-memory alloy that allows slight bending of the wire to return to its original straight shape.

Available in 80% or 100% kits in both Clear (white) and Smokey (black) finishes.
80% kits will fit your typical 60%, 65%, and TKL

100% kits will fit all full size, or one Ansi 65% and enough left for a Tsangan layout

80% kits include:

  • 1 x 6.25u wire, 1 x 7u wire, 4 x 2u wires
  • 10 stab housing + stab stems
  • 6 wire cushions
  • 12 stab teflon tapes
  • 12 washers and screws



Tags: 60 percent stabs, 65 percent stabs, 75 percent stabs, Owlabs, Pcb mount, Stabilizers, Tkl stabs
Manufacturer: Owlab
SKU: owlstabs-smokey-80

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