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Mill Max Hot Swap Sockets

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Make any keyboard a hot swappable board! A hot swap upgrade is not for the novice or first time builder, but it is not too complicated. Choose from a cheaper 0305 that sits a bit taller above the PCB and deeper below it (so check your fitment!) or the 7305 which will fit in almost every application, but does come at a premium because of its materials and size.
The new 3305 sockets are designed just like the 7305, but are lower profile on top of the PCB, decreasing any amount of rise that the switch may experience with other sockets.
General rule in deciding which socket to use:
  • If you want as close to perfection as possible while saving a few dollars, or have a tight environment where the increase in height isn't an option - 7305
  • If you want perfection - 3305
All sockets are sold in 150 packs. 1 order = 150 sockets.
REMINDER - every switch will need 2 of these sockets. The 150 qty pack will easily load out a 60-65% board. Get 2 packs if you are fitting a full size keyboard.



Tags: Hot swap sockets, Misc parts
Manufacturer: Mill Max
SKU: 3305-0-15-15-47-27-10-0

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