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Kinesis TKO Barebone Kit

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Kit includes a free plate and case foam! 

60% barebones mechanical keyboard kit featuring a standard layout with optional triple spacebar, aluminum plate, dual-zone RGB lighting, and four-way tenting and tilting. Choose your own MX style switches and keycaps and build the ultimate tournament board.

The TKO Tournament Keyboard is a powerful and premium compact keyboard designed for gaming, coding and conventional typing. With the new White Barebones Kit, you have the ultimate platform to build your own custom mechanical keyboard. Just add switches and keycaps and you are ready to go.


Standard 60% Layout

The TKO features a conventional standard 60% layout so all the important keys are right where you expect them for both gaming or typing. Lesser used keys are relocated to the embedded “Fn” layer to minimize the keyboards footprint for closer mouse placement. Access arrow keys and keypad actions without ever leaving the home row. Frequent Fn-Layer users can assign the Fn key to one of the 3 HyperSpace keys for unrivaled layer navigation. The smaller footprint makes the TKO ideal for portability and for closer mouse placement for improved ergonomics.

HyperSpace Triple Space Bar

Perhaps the greatest innovation found on the TKO is the option to install 3 keys in the place of the standard 6.25u spacebar. Once installed, each key performs space by default but can be independently programmed (in both layers) to perform a different action to boost your gameplay or productivity by 300%. We’ve assigned example actions to Profiles 2-9 for Gaming, Typing, and Coding just to give you some ideas but the possibilities are endless.

Dual Zone RGB Lighting

Choose from a dozen RGB Backlighting effects including Wave, Spectrum, Rain, Ripple, Reactive and Rebound. Configure the subtle Edge lighting independently or match the Backlighting effect. And you can assign unique effects and colors to the Fn layer to help you navigate layers.

Premium Keycaps

Install any set of MX-compatible keycaps to create your own signature style. The TKO uses a standard layout with a 6.25u space bar and 1.25u bottom row so look for sets that feature the 7 keys plus the space bar in the bottom row. If you want to have backlighting, look for “shine-through” keycaps.


Ergonomic Zero-Degree Slope

Most conventional keyboards feature a 5 degree positive slope. This typing posture may feel familiar but its actuallly quite bad for your wrists and its made even worse if you use pop-up feet to increase the slope. The TKO features a natural zero degree slope to reduce keep your wrists to improve circulation and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

We recognize that one-size does not fit all. So we’ve added two sets of SMALL LEGS to support 5 degrees of both positive and negative tilting so you can achieve that familiar feel of a conventionally sloped keyboard, or tilt the keyboard down if you have sensitive wrists.

Ergonomic Tenting

Tenting is a feature that has historically been reserved for those using a split keyboard. Tenting allows you to elevate the thumb-side of your hand to reduce harmful forearm pronation. The TKO features two additional set of BIG LEGS that allow both right and left handed gamers to experience the added comfort and stamina of tenting on a conventional one-piece keyboard. *Note: Tenting with the TKO is NOT recommended for conventional typing when both hands are on the keyboard. If you want to type in a tented configuration, checkout the Freestyle Edge RGB.



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Manufacturer: Kinesis

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