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Kinesis POM Plates

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We are sorry, but this item is only available as part of a custom built mechanical keyboard, and not available for sale individually



For those that prefer a cleaner look to match their case, or are after a crisper tone - the pom plate addition to the thumbwells of the board both looks better, and makes it easier to clean and maintain the board. 

This may be a required add on if you select a switch that is only 3 pin (aka: plate mount switches). The pom plate will keep 3 pin switches perfectly aligned. Don't worry - we will reach out to you about it if you are unsure.

(Pictures shown are only including the glossy pom plate for the 6 switch thumbwells - the top case color options they are shown with are not included with this add on)



Tags: Advantage2, Kinesis, Services
Manufacturer: UpgradeKB
SKU: kinesis-pom-plate

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