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Kailh Pro Switches

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Kailh Pro switches feature a cushioned stroke, springy return, and earlier activation than most industry standard switches. The earlier actuation means a faster response time, which make them excellent choice for gamers. They're also a little bit heavier than Cherry equivalents to help prevent bottom out, with a stronger, deeper tone when you do.

All Kailh Pro switches listed here are plate mount


  • 50g Operating | 70g Bottom
  • 1.7mm Actuation | 3.6mm Bottom
  • Linear
  • 50g Operating | 70g Bottom
  • 1.7mm Actuation | 3.6mm Bottom
  • Tactile
Light Green
  • 50g Operating | 60g Bottom
  • 1.7mm Actuation | 3.6mm Bottom
  • Clicky
Prices are per 10 switches. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 60g, 70g, Clicky, Frankenswitches, Kailh, Linear, Rgb-smd compatible, Switches, Tactile
Manufacturer: Kailh
SKU: CPG151101D221

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