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Kailh Polia v1 Tactile Switches

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Original Kailh Polia tactile switch. 

The Kailh Polia rose to popularity when people realized that the stems were a flawless drop in replacement when making Holy Pandas (to substitute the Halo stems which are also made by Kailh)

This is the v1 which has the traditional stem shape. 

Bundle these with BSUN Yok Panda housings for an amazing Holy Panda

  • Style: Tactile
  • Actuation: 1.9mm @ 60g
  • Travel: 3.8mm
  • Bottom out weight: 62g
  • Compatible with RGB/SMD backlighting

Prices are per 10 switches. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 62g, Frankenswitches, Kailh, Rgb-smd compatible, Switches, Tactile
Manufacturer: Kailh
SKU: kailh-polia

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