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Kailh Black v2 Mechanical Switches Closeout

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Harvested for their popular long black stems - this switch is extremely popular for 'frankensteining' your own modded switch.

These are a mixed order from Kailh who made the mistake of mixing v1 and v2 together in the same shipment and containers. We have no idea how many of each are in this order, but from a purely random sample that we have taken twice now - it appears to be around 20-30% v1 stems, and 70-80% v2 stems, but there is no guarantee on either as there is no way to tell them apart from the outside housing. 

If you are buying these to use as is - they are identical and function identically. if you are buying to use for switch modding - please understand that there is no way for us to tell which stems you will get - it is very much a gamble (albeit a cheap gamble). We recommend ordering MANY more than you need!

  • Longer stem poles for extra CLACK and THOCK!
  • 60 gram actuation point
  • Linear
  • Through-Hole LED Compatible
  • Compatible with all Cherry MX-mount keycap sets
SOLD IN QUANTITIES OF 10. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 75g, Kailh, Linear, Switches
Manufacturer: Kailh
SKU: kailhblack-v2

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