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Kailh Black v1 Mechanical Switches

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Harvested for their popular long black stems - this switch is extremely popular for 'frankensteining' your own modded switch.

THESE ARE CONFIRMED TO BE THE ORIGINAL MOLD! These ARE NOT the newer v2 molds - they are the classic which is a drop in replacement for the NK Cream stem.

  • Longer stem poles for extra CLACK and THOCK!
  • 60 gram actuation point
  • Linear
  • Through-Hole LED Compatible
  • Compatible with all Cherry MX-mount keycap sets
SOLD IN QUANTITIES OF 10. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 75g, Frankenswitches, Kailh, Linear, Switches
Manufacturer: Kailh
SKU: kailhblack

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