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JWICK T1 SMD-RGB Switches JWK Durock Black

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Original JWICK T1 Tactile switches with an SMD/RGB compatible housing for RGB keyboards that want to get the most lighting through.
Made by Durock/JWK, the JWICK line is their more affordable offering featuring a nylon housing and the original pom stem found in the T1. This gives the switch the same feel as the clear T1, but with a creamier sound signature and more affordable pricetag.
These switches are great for harvesting stems, or as a ready to go low cost tactile switch. Pair these with an Elite Slow Spring for off the charts tactility!
  • 67g spring weight is rated at bottom out force, not actuation.
  • These 5 pins switches are also able to be used in plate mounted keyboards with simply cutting the 2 small plastic pins off.
  • Nylon housing
  • POM Stem
  • Style: Tactile
  • LED styles: SMD and through-hole
Sold in batches of 10. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 67g, Durock, Jwick, Rgb-smd compatible, Switches, Tactile
Manufacturer: JWK Durock
SKU: jwk-jwick-rgb-t1

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