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iFixIt Precision Tweezers Set

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Sure - we COULD create our own kits... but iFixIt already has the best! We are now authorized dealers for iFixIt and proudly help the fight for the right to repair! We have been using their products for years here - and highly recommend them!

Grab everything from screws to eyebrows with iFixit's Precision Tweezers Set. The complete tweezer kit for all holding, pulling, squeezing, picking up, and plucking jobs.

Included are the three essential tips for DIY projects:

  • Pointed (extra fine!) - For ultimate precision
  • Angled - For ergonomic accuracy
  • Blunt - For heavy lifting

Made with stainless steel and a protective coating that prevents ESD damage from harming sensitive electronics. Keep your tweezers organized with the portable fabric storage sleeve.



Tags: Ifixit, Tools
Manufacturer: iFixIt
SKU: IF145-060-3

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