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Haimu WS Brown Tactile Switches

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One of the hottest switches for 2022-2023, the WS switches manufactured by Haimu have taken the keyboard industry by storm. Wuque worked exclusively with Haimu to develop the line of switches, make some improvements over the originals, and create an instant fan favorite. 

The Haimu WS Brown is a great "something for everyone" tactile switch. It is a larger tactile bump than a Cherry Brown, but not quite as aggressive or large as a Holy Panda, U4, or the like. 

WS Brown Specs:

  • Housing top/bottom: Nylon
  • Stem: Pom
  • Spring: 22mm 2 stage
  • Actuation force: 45g
  • Bottom out force: 55g
  • Peak tactile force: 63g
  • Travel: 3.8mm
  • Dust resistant stem design
  • SMD/RGB compatible
  • Light factory lube

Sold in batches of 10. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 63g, Haimu, Rgb-smd compatible, Switches, Tactile
Manufacturer: Haimu
SKU: ws-brown

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