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Filament Power Batteries - Ultra Thin LiPO

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Keyboard cases can be rather challenging to fit a battery for a truly wireless setup... especially on some 65s and 75s without a battery well. We hunted the world for a battery slim enough to fit into almost all cases, and we came up with nothing. So, we made one!
Introducing Filament Power batteries - the worlds thinnest battery ever used in a mechanical keyboard. Higher capacities are planned in the future, but the 1200mah battery is more than enough to power your keyboard for weeks to months (without lighting) for most.
  • 1200mah capacity
  • Less than 1.5mm thick
  • Outer dimensions: 110mm x 75mm
  • 2 pin JST connector (works great in powering our BT60, BT65, and BT75 pcb's!)
  • Can easily be taped in place
  • Will fit between the standoffs in almost all tray mount setups



Tags: Battery, Misc parts
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: filament1200

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