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DZ60RGB V2 Hot Swap 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard PCB

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  • QMK firmware with VIA support
  • 64 key layout
  • USB-C
  • RGB Per Key
  • Supports arrow keys
  • ONLY WORKS WITH SPECIFIC DZ60 PLATES - Click here for matching plates (select 2.25u left shift)
Click here to download Via
PLEASE BE AWARE: Kailh hot swap sockets can sometimes be fragile. You may be required to re-solder a socket if too much pressure is used. Each board is tested before it is shipped to ensure it is working 100% and all pads are soldered correctly.



Tags: Dz60, Hotswap, Pcb
Manufacturer: DZTech
SKU: dz60rgbv2hotswap

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