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Durock V2 NEW Screw In Stabilizers Smokey Black Full Size Kit

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We are sorry, but this item is only available as part of a custom built mechanical keyboard, and not available for sale individually



Authentic Durock Screw-In stabilizers
Durock's brand new version 2 stabilizer has made massive improvements that are immediately noticeable. The primary change has been the addition of a reverse clasp making bars popping out almost impossible.
  • Smokey Housing
  • Pre-clipped
  • Nylon PA
  • Set comes with 1 x 6.25u stabilizer, and 7 x 2u stabilizers
  • Gold plated Steel Bars and hardware
  • Gold plated Screws
  • Red fiber washers included (for an alternative, our nylon black stabilizer washers are here)



Tags: Durock, Full size stabs, Pcb mount, Stabilizers
Manufacturer: Durock
SKU: durockv2-smokey-7x

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