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Detachable USB-C Cable & QMK Controller

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We are sorry, but this item is only available as part of a custom built mechanical keyboard, and not available for sale individually



Add a QMK controller with a detachable USB-C cable to your build for the ultimate in customization. Write your own firmware in QMK, and be able to control and create macros, layers, and more. 

Will come preloaded with firmware that mimics the default QWERTY layout of the Kinesis Advantage2. The "program" key on the function row turns into the bootloader to load your own firmware. 

  • KINT 41 PCB
  • Teensy 4.0 controller
  • USB-C connector port and basic cable installed

Will not work with foot pedals or smartset application

You can read more about the QMK project for Kinesis here



Tags: Advantage2, Kinesis, Services
Manufacturer: UpgradeKB
SKU: kint41-adv2

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