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Custom Built TX87-se TKL Keyboard

Built starting at $675
Current build times are: 75-90 days



Featuring the more classic side profile, TX-87se is built like a tank at roughly 7lbs unassembled. SE was first introduced in 84 flavor in the beginning of 2018. Almost two years later, it appeared again but in 87 layout which means there is no blocker in the top housing.

General features:

  • Top-mounted
  • Streamlining side profile with diffuser
  • Lining brass weight

suo PCB Specs:

  • ISO Enter supported
  • Mini USB
  • Underglow LEDs
  • Cherry MX and Cherry clones switches supported
  • Hotswap sockets added
  • flexiEVA plate foam



Tags: Build, Tkl
Manufacturer: TXKeyboards
SKU: tx87se-build

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