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Custom Built Mirror Polished Tofu65 RGB Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard

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Custom built by Upgrade Keyboards... this build features:
  • Mirror Polished Tofu65 case (antique polished on brass weight)
  • DZ65RGB Hot Swappable pcb
  • Polycarbonate plate
  • Lubed (205g0) NK Creams
  • Durock v2 Clear Stabilizers (lubed and tuned)
  • Stupidfish case foam
  • Silicone stand offs
  • Infinikey Terminal PBT Keycaps in Cherry Profile
  • Blackout coiled aviator cable
  • Carrying sleeve
Get a custom built board at a fraction of the price! A great starter board that will save you some time if you aren't interested in building your own, and won't break the bank.



Tags: 65 percent, Custom, Hand built mechanical keyboards, Smaller mechanical keyboards
Manufacturer: Upgrade Custom Build
SKU: mirror-polished-tofu65

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