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Genuine Hand Built UPKB Crystal Holy Panda Tactile Hand Lubed Switches

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We are sorry, but this item is only available as part of a custom built mechanical keyboard, and not available for sale individually



These are hand built genuine Polia Holy Pandas. These switches have been created using:
    • YOK Bsun Crystal Panda housings to allow ALL lighting through
    • Kailh Polia Stems
    • UPKB Elite v2 Slow 22mm Springs
    • Produces tactility slightly less sharp than original hand built Holy Pandas for those looking for a more moderate typing experiencing, but still want a nice tactile bump and sound.
    • These are hand lubed with Tribosys 3204 and 105 for a rich clacky tone. No need to add switch lubing - it is included in the price.

Sold in batches of 10. 1 order = 10 switches



Tags: 60g, 63g, 65g, 68g, Frankenswitches, Holy panda, Switches, Tactile, Yok bsun
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: upkb-hp-crystal-60g

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