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Blackout Coiled Aviator Custom Double Sleeved USB Cables

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For those looking for a nice addition to their custom mechanical keyboard, a custom sleeved cable is the answer. Our cables come with USB-C (keyboard) and Type A (host) connectors.
The interior is sleeved with black paracord and a clear loose woven black tech mesh is used on top to give it sparkle and a unique look and feel as well as some added durability. Completing the blackout look is a satin/matte black coated aviator connector with all black heatshrink.
Cable Length: approximately 6' long (180cm)
Host connector -> Aviator: approximately 5' (152cm)
Aviator -> Keyboard: approximately 12" (30cm)
Coil length: approximately 5.25-6" (15cm)



Tags: Sleeved usb cables
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: blackout-coiled-aviator-cable

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