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Advantage360 Pro Double Sleeved USB-C Cable Upgrade

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All black
Carbon (grey)



Extend your split keyboard with a custom cable, specifically built for the Advantage360 Pro. The kit includes both cables you need to charge and pair the two halves for either board

  • 2 x 6' 3" (160cm) USB-C to USB-A host charging/data cables
  • Comes in either a carbon grey (white sleeving with black tech mesh and to create a grey/carbon) or all black
  • Double sleeved with tight molded black ends that create a perfect fit for the Advantage360 Pro

All cable kits include 2 of our cable tie systems to keep things nice and tidy! one in black and white, and another in white and red



    Tags: Advantage360pro, Kinesis, Services, Sleeved usb cables
    Manufacturer: UpgradeKB
    SKU: 360pro-cables-black

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