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Upgrade Keyboards Elite v2 15mm Stainless MX Springs

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Upgrade Keyboards is happy to introduce our newly updated Elite v2 MX Springs!

Elite v2 MX Springs are Korean stainless springs created with ultra precision for those that demand perfection. Springs come dry without factory lube so you can lube in your desired method

  • Springs are Korean stainless steel
  • Quality control to ensure each spring is within +/-.6
  • Available in dramatically more sizes and weights than v1
  • 15mm height with a standard progressive curve found in most stock switches
  • Comes in a reusable container which keeps them safe in shipping (great for storing those millions of loose screws!)
  • Cherry MX compatible (will not work for Kailh box switches)
  • Force is measured at bottom out weight
  • 110 springs per pack


I am new to this. What is the difference in length get me?

Great question! Most MX switches come with a standard 14-15mm spring. This allows light pressure at the start of depress, and progressively heavier as you push down through the length of travel. Eventually, you reach the bottom out weight of the spring as the switch bottoms out. For example - a standard Cherry switch may start at 40g, reaching 45-50g at actuation, and eventually bottoms out at 63g.

The longer the spring, the flatter that force curve will be. So the same switch mentioned above but moving to an 18mm spring instead of the 15mm, will start at a higher weight - around 48g, and bottoming out at the same 63g. Go even longer at 22mm, and that force curve is flattened even further - 55g, and bottoming out at the same 63g. 

This effect can create a unique feel to a switch, making it more balanced with a bit more constant pressure through the switches travel. For tactile switch fans - that flatter force curve can help accentuate your tactile bump, making it feel more pronounced! 

The biggest thing to know: there is no right or wrong, it is entirely personal preference! Some like a more balanced pressure, while others like a more progressive feel. Experiment and find what suits you best!



Tags: Springs
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: elitev2-15mm-30g

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