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UPKB Cherry Profile North Facing Keycap Spacers

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Have a keyboard with north facing switches, but want to use your favorite GMK or other Cherry profile keycaps? You will quickly realize that the center row will bottom out on a lot of switches, causing a "tick" and change in tone for that row due to the keycaps bottoming out on the switch. 

Our Cherry profile keycap risers resolve that issue 100%, no matter what type of switch you are using. Designed and utilizing a precise injection molded nylon - our spacers will work with ALL switch types... even box or dust proof stems that require exact dimensions to fit. 

The UPKB Cherry Profile Keycap Spacers add 0.5mm of additional clearance to allow all cherry profile caps to work with every switch on the market. They are made from transparent nylon and are invisible on your build, so they will not detract from the aesthetics. They are also NOT o-rings that will affect the feel of your favorite switch - in fact, you wont even know they are there with the exception that you will no longer have a ticking sound on your center row. 

Cherry Profile Keycap Spacers also work well with low profile switches for those that run into the issue of using dsa profile caps on low profile Gateron or Cherry switches, but the caps barely tap the plate when bottoming out. And they can be doubled up to allow a full 1mm of clearance if you have to. 

  • Injection molded transparent nylon
  • Will not affect the natural feel, sound, or travel of your switch
  • Works with all mx style switches - even dust proof and box style stems
  • Does not reduce travel like typical o-rings
  • Sold in packages of 110 - enough for a single layer on an entire full size keyboard



Tags: Misc parts
Manufacturer: Upgrade Keyboards
SKU: upkb-cherry-spacers

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